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Touching people through the magical art of sound.

Sound Design

From imagination to reality. Selecting the signature music and sound treatment that will forge, and maintain,the conduit of emotional connect with the audience.

Sound Editing

Establishing a structure which enhances the emotional flow of the film. Placing sound and music to enhance visual events and processing the narrative to merge seamlessly within the character of the mix.

Music Scoring

The magical interactive process of interpreting and understanding the intended emotional connect of the film and bringing this to life through the mysterious and intuitive process of creating inspired "thematic music".

Cinematic Effect

Placing the soundtrack within the "aural space" - expanding the aural elements into a surround environment, moving effects "in space" relative to the picture creates a larger-than-life Surround Sound experience!.

We are
Film Sound

Conjuring up sound effects, establishing effective and audible dialogue, designing sound and incorporating emotive music and "weaving" these into the tapestry of the film is what we do best!

Our Work

What we do

We Create

Creating emotive musical scores and "weaving" these into the tapestry of a film is what we do best. Working to enhance the "feel" of the film, and bringing to life the true emotion of the story!

We Inspire

We dream up, imagine, create, assemble, engineer and produce music and sound in all its incarnations in a very special way creating an emotionally charged, and "immersive" film experience.

We Deliver

The magical interplay of music, sound-effects, and voice to picture is what we deliver, synchronised and expertly mixed into a dramatic soundtrack, each time with a completely unique character.

Latest News




Endboards for Podcastsers

We have completed our new project for podcasters, endboard stings and contemporary music to intro radio and podcast programs.




SFX Library

A new SFX offering from our amazing sound designers, everything you will ever need to enhance those dramatic action scenes.

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